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General Tips

Just like your face your lips need moisturizing too don't forget to apply some balm before bed nightly to keep them smooth and soft

Want true rich color that lasts even longer than the regular lipstick? Create the perfect canvas by adding primer to your lips first.

Always pick a lip liner that’s only a shade or two lighter or darker than the natural color of your lips, anything more will stand out too much.

Turn any matte lip color into a shiny lipstick by applying gloss with a golden shimmer over it.

Want to go for a powdered lip look? Apply a pale pink shade on your lips and top it off with some Loose Fix Powder.

Want a natural lip stain? Apply a deep red lipstick then wipe it off with a tissue and finally apply some clear lip gloss.

Having trouble picking out the perfect pink shade? Smile, the color should match your gums.

Want perfectly pure lip color? Apply some Cheek N Lips before lipstick, it works like lip foundation to even out your lip tone.

Want intense lip color? Go for matte lipsticks, they are rich in color pigments and have no shine.

Lip Tint not only give your lips a natural rosy shade, but also seal in moisture to keep them hydrated all day long.

To achieve lip color perfection always contour then fill-in your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. 

Use a lip balm before applying Lip Tint, it gives off a more transparent and luminous color.

Want to mattify a shiny lipstick? Here's a little secret, dab some tinted eye shadow on it, it will stay put and lose its shine. 

It's always recommended to use lip gloss when defining your lips; it prevents color bleeding outside of the edges 

Want perfectly smooth lips before applying lip color, Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of sugar and exfoliate.

To avoid streaking of lipstick dap some loose fix powder lightly on your lips and surrounding area.

To give your lips more volume first define the exact edges with a lip liner and then continue to fill out the outer edges.

Never go for the eyebrow shape that is in, always opt for one that suits your face.

Eyebrow pencils are for enhancing and defining, don't reshape your entire eyebrow, instead, fill in gaps and thicken thin areas. 

Always brush your brows upwards before filling in your lashes with a pencil.

Make your eyes appear bigger by applying a light and white eye shadow on your lids followed by dark mascara.

If you're going for sexy cat-eye makeup go for lashes that are longer towards the end rather than the center. 

Always wait for the glue on your false lashes to dry before applying mascara.

The level of your fake lashes should always match the intensity of your makeup look.

Dot a dark brown pencil eyeliner between lashes to make them appear fuller

For a softer day look, don’t apply mascara on your lower lashes. 

Never pump your mascara. Forcing the brush in and out pushes air into the tube causing it to dry out quickly.

Always lift your eyebrow with your hand when applying mascara, start from the lash base.

For stubborn eye makeup it is always recommended to use oil-based removers. Make sure to wash away excess oil with a regular face cleanser.

Always sharpen eye pencils just in case they were carrying some bacteria from previous use.

Apply some loose powder right under your eyes when applying eye makeup, this way if a little eye shadow spills it will be easier to wipe off.

Want to correct a mistake without ruining your entire eye makeup. Dab cotton bud into some concealer and trace it on the area you want to fix.

Instead of going for a charcoal smokey eye for a day look, use brown hues instead for a softer look.

When applying shimmery gold eye shadow on your eyes, don’t add shimmer to the rest of your face, you will look overly made-up.

If you have very oily skin, go for creamy eye shadows rather than powder-based ones, this way color will stay put.

Want truly dramatic eyes, you will need to use at least two shades of eye shadow.

To intensify eye shadow color, wet a shadow brush and use it to apply shadow over your lids.

To highlight eyes go for metallic eye shadows, to add depth go for matte.

Apply eye shadow with a soft dome-shaped eye shadow brush that will make blending into creases and corners easier.

Lavender and plum shades bring out hazel eyes.

Earth tones and reddish browns look great on green eyes.

Blue shades bring out dark and light brown eyes, the darker your eye color the darker the blue you should choose.

Peachy brown shades bring out blue eyes.

To make your eyes stand out, wear an eyeshadow that’s the exact color of your eye color. 

For a softer smokey eye look layer a soft shimmery metallic over a brown base.

Here's a little secret about smokey eye application, moisturize your eyelids first, this will make smudging so much easier.

Got 1 or 2 eyes shadow colors that you absolutely love to wear during the day? Play up your eyes by turning those colors smokey at night.

If your eyelids have wrinkles avoid bright loose dust or flashy eye shadow colors and resort to mattes instead.

If your eyelids have wrinkles avoid bright loose dust or flashy eye shadow colors and resort to mattes instead.

To make your eyes stand out, apply a light shade of shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, it works like magic! 

Always place matte or beige eye shadow color under your brow bone to create more almond shaped eyes.

Don't use the same brush to transfer eye shadow and blend it, always use a separate one to blend.

When doing smokey eyes, use a raccoon haired brush to blend eyeliner, it should look like an eyeshadow base.

Don't forget to always keep your eyes open when applying liquid liner it prevents the line from looking uneven. 

Never apply bronzer on your nose or eyes it can age you.

For a real sun-kissed look, apply bronzer on the areas of your face where the sunlight naturally hit such as the center if your forehead, your cheekbones and chin.

Want your cheek color to last for hours on end? Choose a blush that is the same texture as your foundation.

Want that natural flush you get after a workout? Apply some Blush Tint on the apples of your cheeks.

For a natural look, mix to blush shades, a rosy one on the apples of your cheeks and a bronze one on your cheekbones for definition.

Want to look more youthful, go for lighter blush shades; they can give an instant lift to sagging cheeks.

Want to give your cheeks a natural subtle flush, apply some Blush Tint underneath your foundation.

When the temperatures are rising, go for a liquid cheek stain such as Blush Tint, powder blusher may get cakey.

Creamy blushes are ideal for dry or aging skin; their moisturizing properties allow them to blend well.

Powder blushes work for all skin tones, but are ideal for oily skin. Use a big fluffy brush to apply.

Worried about oil build-up? Use a primer as a base, it will create a barrier between your skin and your makeup.

If you have white rings under your eyes, then your concealer is too light.

It is recommended to apply concealer with a small firm brush or with your fingertips gently, don’t apply too much pressure, and make sure to pat it on not rub it in.

Concealer should always follow foundation, if you place it before, the foundation will just cover it up.

Want to lighten up your foundation, mix it with a small dollop of moisturizer and blend it on to your skin.

Suffering from sunburn? Dab some Backlighting or a foundation with a golden shade to turn the burn into a glow. Just make sure you don’t pick a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone.

If you don’t like to use a brush, apply foundation on with your fingertips and then press a damp sponge to soak up any excess that won’t settle.

If your skin is dry, always choose a hydrating liquid based foundation.

If your skin is naturally very shiny, always choose an oil-free liquid foundation or powder-based compact, it will absorb all the excess oil and give your face a matte finish.

Can’t find the perfect foundation shade to match your skin tone? You can use two shades of foundation (light and dark) to create the perfect match

Wondering why your foundation doesn't stay put all day long? That's probably because you're not using a primer, it creates the perfect canvas

Use a Japanese sponge to apply foundation and then a brush to get even and full coverage.

Never test out a foundation shade on your hand but rather on your jaw line and always avoid very light foundation for photos. 

Always go for beige/yellow based undertones and steer clear from pink and white.

Always moisturize before applying foundation this way it will blend and set better 

For denser coverage and a long-lasting effect, use a matte foundation. Matte is ideal for oily complexion. 

To give a nose a more lifted look, dab some loose shiny powder on the tip.

For natural looking skin try a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, it will even out your skin tone and cover dark spots.

Always avoid overhead harsh bulbs when applying makeup, natural light is ideal.

If you have easily irritable skin always choose a fragrance-free cleanser.

Never go for a facial just before a special occasion, it will leave your face irritated and red.

Best way to prepare your face for a flawless makeup application? It's simple, give your face a good scrub and never forget to moisturize.

Once a powder-based product is applied on the face, only other powder textures should be layered on top. 

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